ERGO Controller

Aquajet is specialized in cutting edge Hydrodemolition. They are known for their innovative and user focused solutions. Cliff Design is happy to have been part of their latest contribution to the market - The Ergo Controller!

Aquajet requested Cliff Design to design their new mobile robot ERGO controller. Initially the project was based on a stack up of components which Cliff Design and Aquajet experimented with in order to define the product proportions and Ergonomic traits.

The over all goal was to enable the robot to be used in small space locations and to be optimized both when in use and when loaded into e.g. a car or a small lorry.

After choosing the principle of a sack truck, Aquajet built a fully functional prototype. This was evaluated and discussed before moving into a final CAD-phase, where polygon sketch modeling was used in order to speed up the communication process between designers and engineering.

The work resulted in a product encapsulated by a tubular frame serving as a maneuvering- and carrying handle, as well as a frame/support for when the product is laying down (loaded into a car). The product development is based on an easy reach concept, where the access to the control unit and attachment of hydraulics etc. is a smooth operating process.
The final Product was launched 1:st of April and has been well received by the market!

⇡ Initial sketch work and workshop summary


Client built prototype to confirm choice of concept ⇣


⇡ Final Product in context. Photo: Aguajet


Tubular handle/support structure when the ERGO controller laying down. ⇣


⇡ ERGO controller in action! Video in courtesy of Aquajet